Common questions


- Aeron is a forex trading robot.

- It is an expert advisor in .EX4 format.

- It requires metatrader4 terminal.


Is Aeron works on any specific currency pair?

It can be placed on any currency pair.


Any recommendation for currency pair for best performance?

Most volatile pairs are recommended for this EA, presently EURJPY, USDJPY and AUDJPY are best for this EA.


Any specific timeframe?

Results would be almost same on every timeframe. However we recommend 1-minute.


Do I need any special leverage for Aeron?

You can use Aeron on account with any leverage like 100:1, 200:1, 500:1 etc.


My broker comes under NFA, can I use Aeron.

Just be assuring that your broker must allows hedging in MT4. Mostly brokers who are under NFA are allowing hedging in their MT4.


It means hedging is mandatory for Aeron.

Yes, Aeron will not work with non-hedge brokers. Now a days almost all brokers giving hedging in their MT4, however they are under NFA.


Is there hidden SL & TP or my SL & TP will be visible to broker?

Aeron uses hidden SL & TP. SL & TP will not be visible to anyone.


Aeron trades frequently or rarely? How much can I make?

Trade frequency & profit amount depends on the parameters set in Aeron EA.


Do I need ON my computer and internet all time for Aeron?

If your computer is OFF or internet got disconnected then Aeron stops working.

Your computer and internet must be on all trading time


I have not so much knowledge about forex, should I use OR can I use Aeron?

Yes, you can. We will help in all processing of installing & setting up the Aeron in your MT4.


Is there any minimum amount needed in my Account to use Aeron?

It depends on your account type. For eg. You can work wilth as little as USD100 with some brokers like Instaforex, FxOpen etc. who provided micro lots. details


What are the recommended brokers for Aeron EA?

Aeron works with any broker who provided MT4. Be sure that your broker must allow hedging in MT4.


Sometimes spread goes wider than usual, is this problem with Aeron?

Normally not. However tight/close spreads are always better for nice performance.


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